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Prerequisite: tall, slim, narrow

However, you don’t just need beauty and charisma, you also need to meet certain minimum requirements. A height of between 1.75 and 1.81 meters is a must. The girls must also not be older than 20, says von Minckwitz.

And the model must have a narrow bone structure. It is no use if they starve themselves and still have wide hips. Some people are simply not built for modeling

at least 14 years old slim build (clothing size: women 34-38, height: women over 170 cm) photogenic face good charisma good comprehension discipline or patience and perseverance knowledge of foreign languages ​​in English and/or French willingness to work irregular hours and change work locations ability to work in a team or willingness to follow instructions friendly, acting talent and spontaneity are an advantage professionalism, e.g. punctuality and a positive attitude

Recognizing good agencies

The agency must have special standards, for example, have good customers. “It’s best for the girl to ask who the models are being placed with first.” If the agency wants a lot of money up front for a photographer, a Sedcard – the model’s application documents – or catwalk courses, you should generally be critical of the matter.

A good agency does not demand any money from the prospective models in advance.

Applying to agencies

Before you get the long-awaited first orders, you have to send out applications. According to the agency manager, this includes a full-body photo and a portrait photo. Just don’t make the mistake of going to a photographer. We want natural photos, including vacation photos. The girls should be without makeup.

The application documents are then sent by post or email. If an agency sees potential in the photos, it invites the applicant to an interview. This does not require any catwalk training or other expensive training in advance.

Character: Positive, nice, easy-care

At the interview, at the latest, the applicant will realise that the world of modelling is not as glamorous as it is on TV. Especially not at the beginning. Make-up techniques, posing, walking in high heels – practice these things in advance.

It should be positive, nice and, above all, easy to care for. A model must first and foremost do her job.

In terms of personality, you should be open-minded, lively, flexible, uncomplicated and polite – and have a positive charisma. Punctuality and reliability are essential, otherwise you won’t be booked in the first place. Language skills are an advantage, especially English is needed in the industry.

Luck as an important factor

And then there is that certain something that only a few people have. Charisma is almost more important than ideal measurements.

The model not only has to be beautiful, but also has to meet the requirements of the industry. Getting into the modeling business therefore depends a lot on luck.

How much can you earn as a model?

Catwalks and photo shoots are less well paid than many people think: many designers and clients only pay 50 or 100 euros for a job. But there are also daily fees of up to 3,000 euros for models. About 10-15 percent of the fee usually goes to the agency.

What are the first steps if an agency hires me?

Those who have no experience at all usually get a little coaching at the beginning: posing, walking, posture – all of this needs to be learned. After a few test shoots, the agency begins to introduce the newcomers to suitable customers. Those who then receive good feedback will soon be doing better in business.
By the way: reputable model agencies never charge newcomers a registration fee or even require a test shoot paid for by the model. And with minors, they always let the parents come along to the (first) appointments.


Models pose in front of the camera for all kinds of advertising shots, for example for the fashion and cosmetics industry or for furniture and car manufacturers. Depending on the assignment, the shots take place outdoors or in the studio. Since clients usually have precise ideas about mood and style, models have to follow the instructions of directors and photographers. The settings and positions often have to be repeated several times until the shots are right. Everyone involved is under time pressure.

At fashion shows, models present the latest fashion trends. In addition to designer clothes, they also show everyday, business and work clothes, evening wear, or sports and leisure clothing. On the catwalk, good posture, facial expressions, walking technique and choreographic skills are required. The model’s job focuses on the product being presented. Their work, whether in front of the camera or on the catwalk, requires a lot of patience, stamina and physical and mental resilience: for advertising shoots, they sometimes pose for long periods in wind and weather.

At fashion shows, on the other hand, the changing rooms are often cramped and hot, there is little time to change and walking on the catwalk is exhausting. Models spend a lot of time traveling and waiting for their appearance. Professional models are not always needed. Families, children, teenagers, older women and men are also hired for TV commercials and everyday products.

They are either approached directly on the street or are listed in the files of a specialised modeling agency. If you are interested, an invitation to a casting should be examined carefully. Minors are not allowed to take part in photo shoots without their parents or their consent.



There is no federally regulated training.

Training opportunities

Model agencies take care of the catwalk training and professional photos of the aspiring models. They also specifically promote their models and register them for courses or seminars.

It is not advisable to attend courses on your own, as the offers vary greatly in terms of content, quality, duration, recognition and cost.

Training content

The following topics are taught in courses/seminars or “on the job”: e.g. catwalk technique, photo posing, photo/film recordings, stage presentation, choreography, posture, make-up and hair styling, style advice, confident appearance, casting and practical advice, organizational basics.

Continuing education


People with beautiful hands can be booked for various advertising shots, e.g. for nail polish, hand cream, watches, rings, etc., those with beautiful legs for hosiery advertisements or those with flawless skin and/or beautiful hair for the cosmetic industry.

Employment relationships

Most models only work in this profession during a certain phase of their lives. They receive most of their work through model agencies, with whom they register for placement. These agencies establish contacts with photographers, fashion houses, couturiers and the advertising industry. They only work when required and require flexibility in terms of time. It is rarely possible to earn a regular salary. Many work part-time, e.g. as a side job while studying or as a holiday or weekend job. Before the assignment, details must be agreed in writing with the client. The working hours are often irregular and the work is physically and mentally demanding: the travel, for example, requires adjustments to different time and climate zones. Very few become top models. Patience, perseverance and contacts with international agencies are essential for success.

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