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€29,525 per year or €15 per hour.

Job as an escort – How to go from being the youngest of the family to being a sought-after companion. The complete guide.

You have landed on this page for a reason. You want to make more of yourself. You want to experience adventure, be sought after and earn good money. Becoming an escort is a way to leave boredom behind you, breathe more life into your everyday life and, not least, your wallet. But on the way to becoming an escort, there are a few things to consider, common mistakes to avoid, and ultimately get the best possible deal for you. This website gives you all the information you need. If you have been completely clueless up to now, after reading this you will have a clear idea of ​​the job profile of an escort and how you can get there – if you really still want it. If you have already read a little, all the little pieces of the mosaic will come together to form a harmonious whole. Wanting to become an escort and gathering all the available information is of course only the first step. This is followed by the question: Are you even suitable for it? Would you be a suitable escort? To find out, you have the opportunity to take a test after reading this. This is certainly not exhaustive and cannot replace a personal interview with an escort service, but it will at least give you a first indication. If you master this task, you can then use the agency check to find the right agency for you. It makes little sense to apply to just any escort service – you also have to take your personal circumstances (place of residence, age, professional circumstances, mobility, etc.) into account when selecting agencies. Then it is up to you whether you actually want to go through with the project of becoming an escort and apply or leave it as a dream.

Some say escort lady, others companion or escort girl/lady. Often just short and succinctly escort. They are just names that all mean the same thing: an escort lady spends time with a mostly male client for payment. This can be a hotel visit, travel or managerial accompaniment or accompaniment to cultural events. The date can be short or long, it can include a visit to a restaurant or the opera.

Checklist of requirements for escort ladies


An escort lady knows herself and knows how to get the most out of her opportunities. She eats healthily and keeps her body fit. Not every escort lady has to be a supermodel. However, it is a fact that the majority of clients prefer slim women.


Every date and every situation can create new environments. The elegant black dress that was a hit at the opera may be too much at an artist’s vernissage. An attractive lady has many faces and knows how to adapt appropriately – without becoming a follower.


We don’t want to exaggerate and fall back into old-fashioned sayings. How do you like the food? “Well, I quite like the fish.” That’s rather silly and is more likely to elicit a grin than admiration. No, it’s not about having read the Knigge book from 1887. But being widely read, being able to contribute something to a wide range of topics and even picking up the daily newspaper from time to time – that’s definitely part of it.


Escort bookers are looking for ladies who are on an equal footing and who know how to behave appropriately in every situation and can also express this.


Are you really interested in getting to know the other person? You’ve probably already noticed how many conversations go: one person talks and the other is just waiting eagerly for the moment when they can finally get started and share their opinion/story. There is no real interest in an exchange. This is the opposite of a polite conversation and empathy is not possible under these circumstances because you don’t really take in the other person’s words. Listening is openness and a rare art. An escort lady with heart and soul understands this art and knows how good it is for a man when you really listen to him and understand him.

Enjoying eroticism

No, it’s not just about sex. However, most dates will have an erotic touch. If you can’t imagine being affectionate with a man you’ve only known for a short time, escorting is definitely not the right thing for you.


Are you prepared to go to another city for a date? To travel abroad? Of course, most dates will take place near where you live, especially at the beginning. In the long term, however, you should be prepared to travel, otherwise you will significantly limit your options as an escort.


Unlike many call girls, escorts only work part-time. Their main job is working, studying or doing an apprenticeship. It is therefore clear that a lady cannot always be available and may sometimes have to turn down a request. However, she should be available at least a few evenings a week, otherwise it will be difficult to find suitable dates.

Escort earnings – a word about the financial side

Escort is, without exaggeration, probably the most lucrative part-time job in the world for young women. Fees range between 350 and 600 euros for two hours, or 1000 and 2000 euros for an overnight stay, where you spend the whole night with the customer. The exact earning potential depends on the escort service you work with. Often there are several categories within the agencies, i.e. not all women earn the same amount. A common scale is silver, gold and platinum. A new lady starts in the silver category and can then slowly work her way up to gold and platinum.

Applying for an escort service

You can find plenty of opportunities on Google or occasionally through job advertisements. Modern agencies have an online application form where you can enter some basic information – e.g. age, nationality, height – and also attach 1-2 photos. Use this simple option. Be honest when entering your information. Sooner or later it will come out and if you have to admit that you made yourself look 5 years younger when applying, that is not necessarily a good start to working with your escort agency. The agency should get back to you within a maximum of 1-2 days. If there is interest, there is usually a more detailed phone call where both sides can get to know each other. Prepare all your questions for this phone call. This will also make a good impression on the person you are talking to. You should definitely have a precise answer to the question of why you want to work as an escort. If your application is primarily financial, that is not objectionable. All women want to earn money as escorts. But you should not apply to an escort service out of an acute emergency situation.

The casting – a normal meeting

As already mentioned: A reputable agency meets in advance with all candidates who apply to be an escort. Because these are their future partners (= the escort ladies). The interview will take place in a café or restaurant and, in our experience, lasts about 1 hour. Dress attractively but inconspicuously for this interview. That is exactly what your customers expect later: A sexy lady who exudes style and class and, above all, who doesn’t attract attention! If the personal meeting goes well and the chemistry is right on both sides, the escort agency will present you with the cooperation agreement that regulates your subsequent collaboration.

Pay attention to the points described above in the document. You should not sign the document on the spot, but take it home with you at your leisure. You are absolutely sure that you want to become an escort and have signed the contract: The next step will be a photo shoot. You should be in top shape for the shoot, have lost as much excess weight as possible and bring several different outfits with you. The agency will discuss the outfits with you in detail beforehand. A shoot is very expensive and nothing should be left to chance. The outfits must of course suit you and show you off to the best of their ability. But they must also fit the philosophy of the escort service. The shoot will last a few hours and will demand a lot from you, but it will also be a lot of fun. Because a good photographer knows exactly how to loosen up a new lady. Especially if it is your first major photo session.

The photos are now ready and the best shots have been selected. Now it's almost time. The agency (or its designer) will prepare an attractive Sedcard based on the photos and your data. Insist that you can look at the Sedcard again before it goes online. Mistakes can be corrected later, but it's better to start right from the beginning... Congratulations! Your Sedcard is now online.

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